Venerable Sangharakkhita has written seven books on forgiveness, mindfulness and healing. His first four books are in his mother tongue of Kinyarwanda: Itabaza mu Muyaga, Reka Inzozi zawe, Umunyabugenge w'Ubufindo, and Umusiguzi. 


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A Drop of Dhamma

A Drop of Dhamma is the basis for the story of the documentary film Minding Shadows. It was published in 2016 in Kandy, Sri Lanka. This is a book about how to find inner peace through understanding the transitory nature of all things.

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Minding Shadows

Minding Shadows is a book about healing inner wounds through mindfulness and shadow work.

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Candle in the Wind

Venerable Sangharakkhita’s first self-published book in English is Candle in the Wind, published in 2014 in Kigali Rwanda. It is a narrative of a journey of forgiveness and spiritual fortitude after emerging from a tragedy.

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